KB WARRIOR is a complete mind, body & spirit transformation program. We offer a curriculum that varies from Martial Arts to Functional Fitness. The idea and goal behind what we do is to transform anyone from the extreme athlete to the out of shape couch loafer into a person with extreme confidence and with this comes high self esteem, so that the extraordinary and frightening things we face in everyday life become routine and easily accomplished. No matter what it is your looking for from losing weight to getting ripped or learning martial arts for simple self defense, we give you the necessary tools to gain the confidence to make the world yours. While we cant promise that achieving the results that you want will be easy, the satisfaction you get from the hard work you put in will be more than worth the sweat and tears.

As a female I’ve always thought long treadmill cardio walking or running, elipticals were the best way to go to lose fat with lightweights. However, my first kettlebell training session with Gavin proved me wrong…in 20 minutes using a kettlebell he had me sweating more than I ever did on a treadmill or eliptical machine. The next day I was sorer in a great way than I had ever been on my best day in the past going to the gym and using weights. Also, the natural endorphin rush I experienced after just 20 minutes of using a kettlebell was nothing I had ever experienced before at a gym and brought me back to many more sessions with Gavin. I slimmed down immediately shedding inches on all my problem fat areas. And I think the best part is it proves you don’t have to go to the gym for an hour to get a great workout. You actually save yourself time during your day using a kettlebell since you burn so many calories so quickly…so there really is no excuse!!!

–Meaghan Eliiott

Depending on the KB WARRIOR program you pick and the direction with which you choose to take your training for your transformation, you will have to work hard. These are not shortcut programs, these are high intensity workouts and martial arts training programs that countless government agencies are currently using that allow you to unlock your true potential.

KB WARRIOR is committed to your success; we offer training facilities in Orange County and upon request can travel to your school and or home for private lessons and/or seminars.

  • Learn to defend yourself and your family from whatever life may throw at you
  • Functional Fitness exercise to compliment your martial arts knowledge for supreme confidence


The #1 Handheld Gym For Extreme Fitness

  • Easily handle the toughest and most unexpected demands by accelerating the development of all-purpose strength.
  • Repel the hardest hits by boosting your physical resilience.
  • Build your staying power because the last round decides all
  • Ensure the correct blend of strength and flexibility because strength that fails to reach is impotent.
  • Hack your fat off without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics.
  • Forge a fighter’s physique so form matches function.
  • Gain independence with the world’s #1 portable gym that makes you as strong as you want anywhere, anytime.